68. Brabham BT42 1974

S5257 – Brabham BT42 No.50 Canadian GP 1974 – Egbert Eppie Wietzes

There are racing drivers who leave a massive impression in Formula One. Either by winning races or even more by being world champion. But there are also drivers who are no more than a footnote in the history books of Formula One. One of them is Eppie Wietzes. The Canadian, born in Assen/Netherlands, took part in only two Grands Prix. Continue reading “68. Brabham BT42 1974”


67. Cooper T60 1962

S4802 – Cooper T60 No.14 Winner Monaco GP 1962 – Bruce McLaren

We already reported on the Cooper T60 in blog 64. There we presented the car of Joakim Bonnier which was used in 1963 by Walker Racing. This blog is dedicated to the same model, but this time in the version of 1962, the debut year of the T60. Number 1 driver Bruce McLaren had done most of the tests and was initially not really happy with the new 1.5-liter-car. Continue reading “67. Cooper T60 1962”

66. Matra MS10 1968

S5380 Matra MS10 No.6 Winner German GP 1968 – Jackie Stewart

The conditions at the 1968 German Grand Prix were anything but ideal – with pouring rain and fog. The visibility was only 50 meters at some places. Today a race would never be started under such conditions. Only because helicopters wouldn’t be able to start or land. Jackie Stewart’s description of a “Green Hell” would not have been more appropriate on this first weekend in August. Continue reading “66. Matra MS10 1968”

65. Hill GH1 1975

S5670 Hill GH1 No.23 Monaco GP 1975 – Graham Hill
S5673 Hill GH1 No.23 Swedish GP 1975 – Tony Brise

The team “Embassy Racing with Graham Hill” appeared in late 1972 for the first time. When Graham Hill, disappointed by his employer Brabham, decided to start his own team. In the first year Hill borrowed a Shadow DN1 for his project. In the second year he switched to Lola who sold him a T370. This was also used in early 1975. But was replaced by the new Hill GH1 from the Spanish Grand Prix on. Hill was only sporadically in action at that time. Rolf Stommelen outpaced him regularly. And with Tony Brise Hill had a brilliant newcomer which drove the car from the GP of Belgium on. Continue reading “65. Hill GH1 1975”

64. Cooper T60 1963

S4804 Cooper T60 Belgium GP 1963 – Joakim Bonnier

The Cooper T60, an evolution of the T58, gave its debut in 1962 at the Grand Prix of the Netherlands. With Bruce McLaren at the wheel. Already during the preaseason-tests it became obvious that the weak point of the T60 was the gearbox. And in Zandvoort it was again the gearbox which forced Bruce McLaren into retirement. Nevertheless the first appearance of the T60 was encouraging. Especially in terms of speed. The new Cooper with its 1.5-liter Climax engine seemed to be a real rocket. Continue reading “64. Cooper T60 1963”

63. Brabham BT19 1966

18S223 Brabham BT19 World Champion 1966 – Jack Brabham

The first victory on his own construction was granted to him. It was secured by Dan Gurney 1964 in France. But Jack Brabham can still be proud. In 1966 he was the first (and so far the only) who became Formula 1 World Champion on his own car. Although there were others such as John Surtees, Bruce McLaren or Chris Amon, who tried to succeed on their own constructions. But none had so much success like Brabham. Brabham started the season of 1966 with the new BT19 on January 1st. Continue reading “63. Brabham BT19 1966”

62. Brabham BT33 1972

S4340 Brabham BT33 No.19 6th South African GP 1972 – Graham Hill

A debut of a new car can not be any better: the Brabham BT33 was first raced in the 1970 South African Grand Prix. And it immediately won – with Jack Brabham behind the wheel. It was the last victory for the company founder who died in 2014. At the end of 1970 Brabham stopped racing. Not so the BT33. Continue reading “62. Brabham BT33 1972”

60. Renault RS01 1977

18S111 Renault RS01 No.15 British GP 1977 – Jean-Pierre Jabouille

There have been many debuts in Formula 1 that have been laughed about. The one of Renault with the turbo engine 1977 in Silverstone was one of it. The car was called “yellow teapot”. In a nod to the many engine failures which were normally announced with a large plume of smoke. The base of the engine was a V6 which had been designed in 1972 by a team of only eight people. This engine was known as the CH-Series. Following Claude Haardt, former President of Renault-Gordini. It was first used in May 1973 in the Alpine A440 of Jean-Pierre Jabouille. Continue reading “60. Renault RS01 1977”

59. Manor MRT05 2016

S5013 Manor MRT05 Australian GP 2016 – Pascal Wehrlein

It was almost a miracle that Manor was ready for the start of the season 2016 in Australia. Although the team had built a new car over the winter there was a shortage of management personnel and, as always, a lack of financial resources. Nevertheless the notorious backbencher managed on February 22nd 2016 to introduce the new MRT05 car in Barcelona. Continue reading “59. Manor MRT05 2016”