70. Andrea Moda S921 1992

S3892 – Andrea Moda S921 No.34 Monaco GP 1992 – Roberto Moreno

In the late eighties and early nineties Formula One has seen many teams come and go. One of these was Andrea Moda of Italian shoe manufacturer Andrea Sassetti. The team started as the successor of the Coloni team in 1992. Already in the first race in South Africa Andrea Moda caused some negative headlines. Because the team was new it should have had to pay a registration fee. But this amount never occured on the account of the FIA. And because the car looked like the old one from Coloni the FIA excluded Andrea Moda after only one event. Sassetti didn’t accept that and managed to convince the FIA that the team was allowed to continue. But new scandals would follow. In Mexico the boxes with the material only arrived when qualifying was already on the way. So after two Grands Prix Andrea Moda only had 500 meters under its belts. And the two drivers Alex Caffi and Enrico Bertaggia left before the adventure had started. But even with Roberto Moreno and Perry McCarthy the team couldn’t improve. The FIA didn’t allow McCarthy to practice in Brazil. And so the team only qualified once for a race: in Monaco, with Moreno behind the wheel. After eleven laps the engine broke down. After all: Tthe car was no longer a C4B, but a S921 and it was considered an independent construction. But even that didn’t help much. The absolute low point followed in Spa. FIA had already warned Andrea Moda in advance, they would exclude the Andrea Moda if the team won’t be able to reduce the gap. So in Spa Moreno lost 15 seconds on Friday to the best time, McCarthy 25 … The latter was knowingly sent out by the team with a broken steering column, which miraculously didn’t end in a severe accident. After practice there were fisticuffs between the mechanics and the team leadership. But that was not yet everything. A creditor sent the police to the paddock because he got a fake check from Sassetti, whereupon the shady team owner ended up in jail. Once again Andrea Moda appeared: at the Italian Grand Prix. But the FIA excluded the team from the world championship. By the way: At the end of 1993, the S921 served as the basis for the Simtek, in which Roland Ratzenberger suffered a fatal accident in 1994 in Imola. Spark reduced the model of the Andrea Moda in :43.


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