69. Hesketh 308 1974

S2241 – Hesketh 308 No.24 3rd Sweden GP 1974 – James Hunt

Formula One never saw a team like Hesketh before. And there is no chance to see such a team in the hightest category of motorsport again. The recipe was actually quite simple: Take a Lord who has enough money to spend without any doubts that one day there is no more money left, a former racingdriver as a team manager with a big mouth and a driver like James Hunt, who stood at the beginning of his F1 career and his nickname was “Hunt the shunt”. Hesketh was founded in 1972. In the first year the team which was famous for its party contented only in Formula 3. Already in the second year hesketh moved up to Formula One. First with purchased chassis from March, from 1974 on with the first self-made car, the Hesketh 308. Built by Harvey Postlethwaite the car was based on the March 731 and surprised its rivals with a few solid performances. James Hunt was third at three Grands Prix. First in Sweden when Formula One raced in Anderstorp, from where the Spark model comes in 1:43, then in Austria and most recently at the US GP. With these results Hunt was P8 in the Driver’s World Championship. As a constructor (6th place) Hesketh left behind such renowned opponents as BRM, Shadow, March or Surtees. Much to the chagrin of Lord Hesketh and his playboy-driver Hunt there were not only three podiums there were also nine technical failures. The greatest moment of the 308 was celebrated at the International Trophy at Silverstone, where Hunt won from pole position. The race didn’t count for the World Championship. Overall Hesketh built four of those 308-models. All at the noble estate in Easton Neston. One, the 308 with chassis number 3, had to be “written off” at the German Grand Prix 1976. Chassis number 4 is part of the fascinating racing collection of the Donington Museum.


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