67. Cooper T60 1962

S4802 – Cooper T60 No.14 Winner Monaco GP 1962 – Bruce McLaren

We already reported on the Cooper T60 in blog 64. There we presented the car of Joakim Bonnier which was used in 1963 by Walker Racing. This blog is dedicated to the same model, but this time in the version of 1962, the debut year of the T60. Number 1 driver Bruce McLaren had done most of the tests and was initially not really happy with the new 1.5-liter-car. The problem was not the new, heavier Climax V8 which Cooper forced to extend the wheelbase. It was more the gearbox which Bruce McLaren worried about. Also in the first race in Zandvoort it was the self-constructed gearbox with its six gears which forced McLaren to retire. Nevertheless the season opener had already shown: If the Cooper T60 will be reliable, the car is strong enough for podium finishes. Already in the second race of the season the new Cooper was ready for its first surprise. At the Grand Prix of Monaco Bruce McLaren started from third place and benefited shortly before the checkered flag from the retirement of leader Graham Hill. From the Belgian Grand Prix on ​​Cooper used two T60s. One for Bruce McLaren, the other for Anthony Maggs. The British driver was quick as well. In France he took 2nd place behind Dan Gurney and in South Africa he was 3rd. But that’s not all. McLaren secured the team four more podiums: third in England, Italy and the US GP, plus a second place in East London. Thus the New Zealander made it into the top 3 of the drivers’ championship. What nobody could expect after the winter test. And not to forget: Cooper also took third place in the Constructors’ Championship. Both T60s continued to be used after the 1962 season but only on a private basis. The factory team switched 1963 to the successor model, the T66. McLaren’s winning car of the GP Monaco is still in good shape today. It also participated years after its great success in Monaco at the Grand Prix Historique at the same place.


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