66. Matra MS10 1968

S5380 Matra MS10 No.6 Winner German GP 1968 – Jackie Stewart

The conditions at the 1968 German Grand Prix were anything but ideal – with pouring rain and fog. The visibility was only 50 meters at some places. Today a race would never be started under such conditions. Only because helicopters wouldn’t be able to start or land. Jackie Stewart’s description of a “Green Hell” would not have been more appropriate on this first weekend in August. Stewart himself was driving like hell this weekend. And he ended the race with more than four minutes ahead of runner-up Graham Hill. A record for eternity. Stewart later described this victory as one of his most important in Formula One. “The conditions were actually irregular,” said the man, who celebrated his first championship in 1969. “The visibility was so bad in that I was just glad that I took the lead in the first lap.” Stewart also benefited from the Dunlop rain tires that weekend. These were superior to the competition in the adverse conditions. In addition the Matra MS10 was an excellent race car. The French aircraft and car maker designed the model exclusively for Ken Tyrrell. As a successor to the MS9. With larger fuel tanks. The ones of the predecessor would had been too small. If the MS10 would have been fitted with these Tyrrell would have been forced to refuel the car during the races. Also on the engine-side there was a change. Tyrrell’s Matra MS10 was fitted with a V8 Cosworth – unlike the usual V12 Matras. Apart from the German Grand Prix Stewart also won the races in Zandvoort and Watkins Glen. Before the last race in Mexico Stewart even had title chances. But engine problems slowed him down. While Graham Hill won the race (and the championship), Stewart had to settle for seventh place. But the season showed that Matra (with Tyrrell) was on the right way for 1969 (with the successor model MS80). The model made by Spark which is shown here is in 1:43.


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