50. BRM P261 1967

S4794 BRM P261 British GP 1967 – David Hobbs

If Fernando Alonso competes in Indianapolis today, it is considered extraordinary. The same happens when Nico Hülkenberg contests (and wins) the 24 hours of Le Mans with Porsche. What is special today, was normal in the “earlier days” of motorsport. Formula-1-drivers were taking part in other championships or single races. That’s why, around 1970, there were a lot of excellent allrounders. One of them was David Hobbs, today 78 years old. Hobbs drove (almost) everything: sports cars, touring cars, IndyCars, Formula 1, CanAm – the important thing was that the cars had really power and Hobbs his fun. Continue reading “50. BRM P261 1967”