47. McLaren M19C 1972

S4295 McLaren M19C 2nd Canadian GP 1972 – Peter Revson
When Peter Revson raced various races in the US at the end of the 1960s there was not much to suggest that the native from New York would have the international breakthrough one day. Only in 1971 when he competed for McLaren in Indianapolis and the CanAm series everything looked promising. In Indy he put his McLaren M16 on pole. In the CanAm series he was nearly unbeatable in his M8F. In ten meetings he missed the podium only twice. And with four victories he was the first American to take the title. Teamprincipal Teddy Mayer recognized his potential. And offered him a cockpit in F1 for 1972. At that time Revson had already driven a few Formula 1 races. But only as a private driver – most recently for Tyrrell 1971. Beside former  world-champion Denny Hulme the Revlon heir gave his debut at the Argentinian GP – still within the predecessor, the M19A. Also in South Africa, at the second round, where Hulme won after two seasons without victory, both still drove the old car. The modified car, the M19C, arrived only in Monaco. However Revson was busy qualifying his McLaren for the Indy 500. So he was replaced by Brian Redman. It was up to the GP of Austria before the wealthy Revson sat for the first time in the new McLaren. This car was lighter than his predecessor. McLaren saved weight in suspension and rearwing construction. In addition the driveshafts were more solid. Otherwise the M19C looked very similar to the M19A. The biggest difference was the painting. While the M19A of 1971 still was in the traditional orange McLaren raced in Yardley-colours in 1972. Yardley itself was being replaced in 1974 by the red and white colour of Marlboro. It was the beginning of one of the longest partnerships in Formula 1. Back to Revson: He was familiar with the M19C right at the beginning. He took third place in Austria, finished fourth in Italy and was 2nd in the Canadian GP. Hulme completed the McLaren success there with P3. The fitting model of Revson in 1:43 by Spark is exactly from this Grand Prix.


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