46. Lotus 69 1969

S4832 Lotus 69 Canadian GP 1969 – Pete Lovely

Well! Volkswagen competes in Formula 1. Or am I wrong? There were plenty of discussions about a possible GP entry of Volkswagen for the last years. But until today VW remained strong. And after the scandal about the emissions plans to enter F1 are maybe finally put down. VW in Formula 1 – it will probably remain a dream forever. But there was something with Volkswagen and Formula 1, wasn’t it? Continue reading “46. Lotus 69 1969”


45. Matra MS11 1968

S4356 Matra MS11 Monaco GP 1968 – Jean-Pierre Beltoise

Nowadays we do not speak anymore about engines in F1. They are called power units. Their technical secrets are well protected. Previously, especially in the Sixties, this was completely different. Everybody who wanted could have a look at the engine. Nothing was hidden. And they also made a nice noise – not like today.

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