42. Tyrrell-Ford 019 1990

ROMU014 Tyrrell-Ford 019 Japanese GP 1990 – Satoru Nakajima

Tyrrell, a traditional F1-team, was struggling at the beginning of the Nineties. The glorious times of the successful Seventies were long time ago. Nevertheless the 019 turned out to be a “giant killer”. And that was certainly not because of the engine. Continue reading “42. Tyrrell-Ford 019 1990”


41. Brabham BT42 1974

S4783 Brabham BT42 Belgium GP 1974 – Gérard Larrousse

An English manufacturer, an Italian team, a French driver and Swiss sponsors: the Brabham BT42 which qualified for the one and only time at the Belgian Grand Prix in Nivelles in 1974 could not have been more European. Continue reading “41. Brabham BT42 1974”