39. Ligier JS19 1982

S4264 Ligier JS19 No.26 3rd Austrian GP 1982 – Jacques Laffite

The idea was brilliant. And even the implementation was okay. But, unfortunately, the Ligier JS19 was illegal with the skirting panel all over the length of the sidepods until the rear spoiler and a completely covered rear suspension. When the car was presented at the Monaco GP, Ligier was forced to disassembly the skirting panels especially in the tail area. The consequence was a lower ground effect. Despite a third place in Austria, Jacques Laffite, one of the drivers, designated the season 1982 as disaster. The car was almost not drivable, the ground adhesion was insufficient. Again and again Ligier had to do some adjustments. This problem was leading to the fact that there were not always both cars at the races. At the Dutch and British GPs there was only one Ligier driving. The second one was in the wind channel. But the changes didn’t generate a lot of progress. Countable results were the exception. 20 points, but only nine were achieved by the JS19, the others were gained with the previous model, were not enough for the high expectations of the proud Frenchmen. Laffite, since 1976 part of the team, changed the team for the new season and signed at Williams. The engine of the from constructed skirting panel-wonder constructed by Michel Beaujon was a 3-litre Matra V12 that was quite noisy and that the Frenchmen designated as Talbot engine for competitive reasons. But also this cooperation was ending in 1982, after not meeting the expectations. Matra was retiring from the Formula 1. The chassis of the JS19 was used ad base for the successor model JS21. This is the explanation why this very special model is one of the very few cars exhibited in the Ligier Museum located at the racetrack in Magny-Cours. Also driver number 2, Eddie Cheever, was not happy with the car. At least he achieved a third place at the season finale at the parking lot-race track in Las Vegas. But he was signing at the competitor (Renault) as well.





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