21. Special Blog entry: Williams FW11 1986

FS08 Williams FW11 1986 Australian GP – N. Mansell

The Australian GP was the last race of the world championship in 1986. At this time Nigel Mansell was the leader of the world championship. Alain Prost from the McLaren-Team and his team-colleague Nelson Piquet also had a chance to become world champion. Nigel Mansell had the fastest lap in the first qualifying, but in the second he beat himself and had a better time than in the first qualifying. So Mansell started the race from the pole position. His team-colleague Piquet started directly behind him. On the third position was Senna. After the bad start Mansell lost the leadership to Senna. Although Piquet and Rosberg overtook Senna in the first round and Piquet took the lead. Senna lost one place after another before he withdraw from the race in the 43rd round. In round 7 Rosberg overtook Piquet and lead the field in his last GP. A few rounds later Piquet lost a few positions because of a spin. Rosberg withdraw from the race in the 63rd round because of a tire damage. Therefore Piquet was on the first position, followed by Prost and on the save 3rd position was Mansell. But Mansell had a tire damage with top speed. Because of his good control of the car he steered his car into the run-out-zone. Shortly after that Piquet had to go in the box for changing the tires and gave the leadership to Prost. So Prost won the Australian GP and also the world championship 1986. 2nd winner of the Australian GP was Piquet, followed from Stefan Johansson from the Ferrari-Team. In spite of all Mansell became 2nd world champion 1986 before his team-colleague Piquet.



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