19. Special blog entry: Porsche 917/10 TC Gelo Racing 2° Interserie Norisring 1973 – Georg Loos

1/43 Porsche 917/10 TC Gelo Racing 2° Interserie Norisring 1973 – Georg Loos

Cologne real estate millionaire Georg Loos had been a successful racing driver himself before he became the infamous Gelo team principal in the German Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft. In 1970 the Interserie had been established as a European equivalent to CanAm. Georg Loos entered his own Ferrari 512M in 1971 but soon replaced the Italian machine with an 8-litre McLaren M8 Chevy V8 to get closer to the Porsche 917. For his final season as a driver in 1973 he indulged in one of those nearly invincible Porsche 917/10 turbo charged prototypes.
The 5-litre 180° V12 turbo engine had come up to around 1100 hp by then. A lap at the short Norisring city street circuit with this awesome machine was therefore a ride on the cannonball with lap times down to 52 seconds! Georg Loos and the red Gelo Porsche did very well finishing second just beaten by Leo Kinnunen and his 917/10. 1973 was to be the last race of these powerful Group 7 cars at the Nuremberg Norisring track. The red Gelo car with chassis number 017 was the penultimate 917/10 Porsche ever built.

Raceland Gold Edition made by Spark.
Limited edition of 300 pieces, individually numbered.
Special Raceland packaging.
Model size approximately 10 cm.
Ref. no.: 20-41209
Price: Euro 69,95

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