18. Special blog entry: Tyrrell 019 Honda V10 PIAA 6° Japanese GP 1990 – Satoru Nakajima

1/43 Tyrrell 019 Honda V10 PIAA 6°  Japanese GP 1990 – Satoru Nakajima

The Tyrrell 019 marked a significant point in the evolution of Formula 1 design in having an elevated nose cone. Dr. Harvey Postlethwaite, who was the leader of the Tyrrell design team from 1989 until 1998, did not make many changes in the design of the chassis with the exception of the high nose to optimize airflow under the car for better ground effect.
Round three of the 1990 season would take place at the San Marino circuit in Italy. It was here that Tyrrell first appeared sporting their state-of-the-art anhedral front wing which resulted in the first high nose on a Formula One Car.
The car was not that successful in terms of 1990 results. Alesi and Nakajima achieved a total of 16 championship points by the end of the season. Notable victories of Alesi were at the San Marino GP (6th place) and Monaco GP (2nd place) as well as for Nakajima who achieved a 6th place at the Japanese GP.
The Tyrrell 019 was replaced at the end of the 1990 season by the Tyrrell 020, a further evolution of Postlethwaite’s high nose principle.

Exclusive model for ROMU made by Spark
Limited Edition of 300 pcs
Ref.no.: ROMU014
RP: € 69,95


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