17. Special blog entry: Lotus 101 Judd V8 4° Australian GP 1989 – Satoru Nakajima

1/43 Lotus 101 Judd V8 4° Australian GP 1989 – Satoru Nakajima

The Camel coloured and Judd powered Lotus Type 101 is chassis no. 3 of four and is known as ‘Griffs Lotus 101′. The 3.5 litre normally aspirated Judd V8 produces in excess of 600 PS.101/3 is the third 101 produced from a total of four and was driven in the first GP of 1989 by world champion driver Nelson Piquet and then for the rest of the season by Satoru Nakajima who drove 101/3 to a career best result of 4th place in the Australian GP. He also came away with a fastest lap from the same race. Team Lotus achieved 6th place in the world championship in 1989 with the model 101.
Satoru Nakajima is a former racing driver from Japan. Nakajima, who was known as one of the nicest and most personable drivers in Formula 1 in a sport where large egos are normal, was affectionately known as “Nakajap” to members of the F1 paddock and those in the press. In the 1990ies he concentrated on building up his own team and PIAA Nakajima Racing is one of the most successful in Formula Nippon having won championships in 1999 with Tom Coronel, 2000 with Toranosuke Takagi and 2002 with Ralph Firman.

Exclusive model for ROMU made by Spark
Limited Edition of 300 pcs
Ref.no.: ROMU013
RP: € 69,95


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