2. Special: Benetton Ford B194-5

Homage to Michael Schumacher

In December 2013, Andreas Dünkel, the owner of the MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart, a passionate Motorsports fan and oldtimer collector, bought the Benetton Ford B 194-5 from 1994 at an auction at Bonham’s in London. According to press information the value of the car was set with 700.000 €. For which price the car with 755 horsepower was changing the owner is not known. It was planned to present the car together with the seven-time Formula 1 world champion, but because of his tragic accident end of 2013, the planning was cancelled. A euphoric presentation would have been inappropriate and disrespectful in the view of the MOTORWORLD-team.

After the good news about the recovery process of Michael Schumacher and in coordination with his management it was made the decision to present the car within the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix in August 2014. All visitors had the chance to see the car at the booth of the MOTORWORLD and also see it driving at the Nürburgring. At the wheel: previous owner Pierre Schroeder, the only man who has a custom-fit seat for the car besides Schumacher.

SPARK has now made a special limited edition of 100 pcs for the MOTORWORLD with the actual MOTORWORLD livery.

History of the car:

Exciting first season with Benetton:

No other Formula 1 season was so exciting for the former shooting star Schumacher like the one in the year 1994 as he obtained his first of in total seven world champion titles. Two years before he got a contract with the Benetton race team next to the experienced British driver Martin Bundle. However, the German driver, was performing better with the Benetton B192 and won his first race at the Belgium GP. Brundle didn’t have a chance as number one in the paddock, and that’s why Michael Schumacher got the Benetton B194 for the season 1994. After the Australian GP in Adelaide he could get a place on the podium – despite certain problems.

Difficult first season with Benetton:

Benetton has had some negative headlines in Schumacher’s first world champion season as well. At the German GP one car caught fire while fueling. During the season there were some suspensions and disqualifications for Schumacher; one time he disregarded a flag signal for example. But the luck was with the German driver as his championship competitors like Damon Hill retired in the last championship race because of a collision. Schumacher won his first world champion title.

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