29. Surtees TS14

S4004 Surtees TS14 No.24 3rd Austrian GP 1973 – Carlos Pace

In 1973 Surtees gained two sponsors, Fina (oil) and Brooke Bond Oxo (tea), which saved the participation in the new Formula 1 season. It was half the job for John Surtees who had ended his career as racing driver in 1971. But the TS14 was not a very successful construction. First of all it was the problem for the tire manufacturer Firestone. The Americans wanted to stop normally at the end of 1972. That’s why Surtees developed the car on base of using the Goodyear tires. But the deal didn’t materialize and Firestone was again the tire supplier of Surtees. After that the team had to modify the suspensions several times, because they didn’t match with the Firestone tires anymore. That’s why the first half of the season was a disaster. Neither Carlos Pace nor Mike Hailwood who were a strong driver couple on the paper could gain championship points. Just at the German GP the penny dropped. At least for Pace who achieved a fourth place at the Nürburgring. Pace was even better in Austria. Especially in the last rounds the man from Sao Paulo speeded up like already done at the Eifel and set up a new Österreich-Ring record with 218,72 km/h. The reward was a third place.

But this podium place was the exception. It was in Kyalami in 1973 where the TS14 and its drivers called attention. But it had a completely different background: Pace had a collision with the Swiss Clay Regazzoni. His Ferrari caught fire and Regazzoni couldn’t free himself. Hailwood who was driving behind them stopped at the accident scene, threw himself heroically in the flames and was helping to safe the “Indestructible” (what is the byname of Regazzoni). Later, Hailwood even was decorated for his help. Pace was finishing the season with the 11th place having obtained 7 points. Hailwood missed out. While Pace was another half year racing for Surtees, Hailwood lost interest and changed to McLaren for the season 1974.



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