28. Theodore TY01

S4315 Theodore TY01 No.33 South African GP 1982 – Derek Daly
S4316 Theodore TY01 No.33 Dutch GP 1981- Marc Surer

Teddy Yip was a business man, born in Indonesia, who made his money in the former Portuguese colony Macau. Yip, who was also named “little monkey” because of his appearance, has had the monopoly for the gambling at times. Due to the economic success of his companies, he could address himself to his hobby the motorsports. Many times Yip participated in the Macau GP. In the seventies he entered the Formula 1 as a sponsor. And when the Shadow team had to file for bankruptcy in 1980, it was Yip’s turn. With the Theodore TY01 that was based on the Shadow DN12 Yip participated in the Formula 1 championship in 1981. Directly at the first race in Long Beach the French driver Patrick Tambay obtained 1 championship point for P6. This one should remain the only point ranking for the TY01. Tambay was leaving the team in the middle of the season to join Ligier. Marc Surer was replacing him. And he had some problems with the snow-white racing car. Looking back the Swiss driver has the opinion that the TY01 was the worst car that he ever drove. The reason: The car that was constructed by the former Theodore constructor Tony Southgate was designed for Michelin tires. But Theodore had to change to Avon tires in the middle of the season. These ones didn’t fit to the car. The balance was gone. “The car oversteered while going straight”, says Surer. To improve the handling the front attached front wing which was used at the beginning of the season was replaced by the conventional wing. “But it didn’t give a lot more stability to the car”, remembers Surer who was placed five of eight times considerably out of the points. Surer was financially supported by two companies that were typical for that time: Cognac producer Courvoisier and the men’s magazine Penthouse. Both sponsors came also with Surer. In 1982 the TY01 started one more time with a slightly changed engine cover at the South African GP with Derek Daly (P14). After that the TY01 was consigned to the museum.



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