7. Special blog entry: Porsche 956 – Rundenrekord Nordschleife 6:11´13 – Stefan Bellof

1/18 Porsche 956 – Rundenrekord Nordschleife 6:11´13 – Stefan Bellof

It’s finally there! The Porsche 956, with whom the unforgotten Stefan Bellof drove through the “green hell” of the Nordschleife on the 28th of May 1983. A time, which is set in concrete for eternity. The present endurance elite was equally amazed and surprised when they heard of it in the training of the third race of the Endurance World Championship 1983.

Let’s look back together to this memorable event in May 1983 with an equally memorable quote of the “rally racing” No. 7/83:

“… Saturday morning, eight o’clock, first training. You are standing at the ‘Flugplatz’ on the hilltop, where Manfred Winkelhock started his effectual flip, it’s freezing cold, mud is sticking on your boots, the tents of most fans are still closed. And then, one of the racers is coming, with full-beamed headlights, down from ‘Hatzenbach’ to the leap hills, drives over the hilltop, takes the double right curve in such a manner, you get a scary lesson in fear…”

Stefan Bellof reached a lap time of 6:11’13 min with an average speed of unbelievable 202,053 km/h. Jochen Mass achieved with 6:16’85 the second starting place. But the race went tragically for No. 2: Bellof started like he was driving a sprint race. He was leading the starting field with 16 seconds in front of Mass, who was also driving a 956-factory vehicle, after the first lap through the “green hell”. In round 20, it was his second turn, he made a capital crash. Luckily, Stefan Bellof remained uninjured inside the totally damaged 956. In the end, Mass and Ickx won the race in front of Johansson and Wollek.

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