26. Red Bull RB11 Test-Car

S4620 Red Bull RB11 Test Car 2015 Infiniti Red Bull Racing – Daniel Ricciardo

It is on the agenda of each car manufacturer to camouflage new models. “Erlkönig” (prototype) is the name of the mostly black and white painted cars. Chaotic patterns against clear outlines is the concept. It is used to irritate the competitor. In the Formula 1 such instruments have not been used yet. But Red Bull is always good for a surprise. In 2015, when the Formula 1 was starting with test drives in Jerez, Red Bull was presenting the new RB11 in camouflage painting. And it was not just an ordinary painting. It was the copy of a camouflage which an English guy was developing during the Second World War to mislead the German Navy.

But it was not helping a lot. Red Bull was only the fourth strong team behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Williams. Der RB11 was also the first Red Bull after 2008 that did not win any race. Daniel Ricciardo could achieve one time a second place and a third place. Team mate Daniil Kvyat managed his best result of the season with a second place at the Hungarian GP. The camouflage painting was not only used because of spy reasons but also for PR promotion. And Red Bull succeeded with – like in most of the cases. Besides the design was used for all of the test drives. Just at the season opening in Melbourne the car was painted in the familiar Red bull colors.

This year Red Bull will not use the camouflage painting for the test drives that will start today in Barcelona. Therefore they hope for better results during this season. Spark has not only produced the Red Bull cars in the normal configuration. There is also existing one version of Daniil Kvyat’s car with sensors. This construction is an aerodynamic tool which should help to measure the airflow (in the direction to the rear) in a better way.



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