22. Lotus 24

S2140 Lotus 24 No.14 US GP 1962 – Roger Penske

Most of the racing fans know Roger Penske as team owner of Penske Racing. Or as successful US business man who has built an empire with vehicles of every kind (from vans to smarts). Only a few people know: Penske was an excellent racing driver, too. Continue reading “22. Lotus 24”


21. Manor Marussia

S4616 Manor Marussia MR03B No.28 2015 Manor Marussia F1 Team – Will Stevens
S4617 Manor Marussia MR03B No.98 2015 Manor Marussia F1 Team – Roberto Merhi

In November 2014 the lights from Marussia were turned off. The team became insolvent. The materials had been inspected and prepared for the auctions. Continue reading “21. Manor Marussia”