17. Lola LC89

S2975 Lola LC89 No.30 6th Spanish GP 1989 – Philippe Alliot
S2976 Lola LC89 No.29 French GP 1989 – Eric Bernard

The team Larrousse, originally named Larrousse & Calmels, got only one championship point with the LC89 in the season 1989. It was not a problem with the chassis, but with the engine. The racing team of the former Le Mans winner Gérard Larrousse has started with the new partner Lamborghini in 1989. But the name alone was not enough at all to have success in the formula 1. Even if the V12 of the Italian sports car manufacturer had the best sound, the aggregate was very susceptible. Various breakdowns and problems illustrated this problem. With the 6th place at the Spanish GP the French guy Philippe Alliot had one noticeable success. But especially in the first half of the season the French-Italian alliance could not convince at all. The 11th place in France (by Eric Bernard) was the only countable result until the Hungarian GP. This had the bad effect that Larrousse had to participate in the prequalifications from the beginning of the second half of the season. It means, there was already a decision made on Friday morning which participants (up to 9 drivers) are disqualified. And also if someone survived the first pre-qualifying, there was no guarantee to take part in the GP. With 26 qualified cars per race, the three slowest cars of the final training were disqualified as well. Also Larrousse failed more than one time even though the team was well represented by the drivers Philippe Alliot and Michele Alboreto. The LC89 which was designed by Eric Broadley was also used in 1990. For the first two races. Just in Imola, at the third GP, it was the debut of the successor model LC90.
A short notice should be made for the first driver change in 1989. Larrousse was starting the season with Alliot and Yannick Dalmas. The latter was replaced after four disqualifications (by Bernard, later Alboreto). Not only because Dalmas’s results were not satisfying, but more because the French guy was suffering from the Legionnaire’s disease. Two more incidents were limiting Larrousse in 1989. The relocation of the factory from Paris to the South of France (close to Le Castellet) and the exiting of Didier Calmels. The team co-founder was charged with the murder on his wife and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Lola LC89 (2) Lola LC89 (3) Lola LC89 (4) Lola LC89 (5) Lola LC89 (6) Lola LC89 (7) Lola LC89 (8) Lola LC89


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