16. Ligier JS25

S3974 Ligier JS25 No.25 3rd Australian GP 1985 – Philippe Streiff

Team chef Guy Ligier needed nerves of steel for the season finale at Adelaide (Australia). Although Keke Rosberg (Williams) was far away, there were still fighting Jacques Laffite and Philippe Streiff for the second place. Streiff, the younger one, could drive faster. But Laffite was not thinking about to let his team mate pass. So, Streiff tried to pass with all his forces in the last round. And it ended in one collision…While Laffite’s JS25 could drive on without any bigger damage, Streiff’s car had the left tire suspension broken. The French guy was slowly rolling to the finish line on three wheels. And just with a lot of luck he could finish third (behind Rosberg and Laffite). Team chef Ligier was full of happiness and anger in one time. Streiff had endangered the best team result since the French GP 1980. And the punishment was arriving quickly. When it came to announce the drivers for the season 1986, Ligier chose Laffite. Streiff had to leave the team. Bitter for the French guy: The Ligier of 1986 was a good car. And Streiff has never ever again reached to the podium in his career. In 1989 he had a bad accident in Rio de Janeiro (with AGS). Since that day Streiff is paraplegic.

Back to the season 1985: The JS25 which was constructed by Michel Beaujon and Claude Galopin was not a high flyer. But it was a solid car with which Laffite already achieved podium places in England and Germany. Until the Dutch GP, Laffite had another team colleague: Andrea de Cesaris. But the Italian guy went too far. Even farer then his successor Streiff. At the Austrian GP the Italian guy left the course and overturned several times in the wet grass. When de Cesaris returned to the paddock, his team haven’t had any idea about this incident yet. And de Cesaris told in his typical manner that he parked the car, because there was one problem…Only later the team found out about his horror crash. One race later Streiff replaced de Cesaris.

S3974  S3974 S3974 S3974S3974 S3974


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