Porsche 962C

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Porsche 962C Kremer Racing Canadian Tire 1000 km Mosport 1985 WSC Marc Surer / Manfred Winkelhock

Both Marc Surer and Manfred Winkelhock had had an aweful Formula 1 season in 1984, Surer with Arrows and Winkelhock with the German ATS Team of Günther Schmidt both of them suffering numerous retirements.  So they were happy when Cologne Team Kremer Racing asked them to form a team in Kremer’s brand new Porsche 962C in the World Sportscar Championship of 1985. Especially as both drivers were allowed to follow their Formula 1 career, Surer with Brabham and Winkelhock with RAM Skoal Bandit.

Their debut as a team in the Barclay and Liqui Moly supported car at the Mugello 1000 km round resulted in a sensational 2nd place even topped by a victory in the next round the Monza 1000 km race! They missed the podium at Silverstone only just with a 4th place before the car was damaged at Hockenheim after a fuel fire. With financial backing from Canadian Tire the Barclay car was re-decorated for the Budweiser GT 1000 the Canadian WSC round at Mosport the fast but dangerous circuit near Toronto.

Swiss Marc Surer started the race but only in the second lap had a collission with a slower Chevrolet Camaro damaging the right rear suspension of the Kremer car and causing a long repair in the pits. Having lost several laps in the pits Surer was back in the race handing the car over to Manfred Winkelhock for the second hour. It were to be Winkelhock’s last laps as the Kremer Porsche 962C left the track in turn 2 a fast downhill left-hander and hit the concrete barrier without any visible braking tyre marks on the track. The car was totally destroyed on the right side Manfred Winkelhock suffering bad leg and head injuries. It took 40 minutes until the German was rescued from the remains of the car and flown to hospital where he died only one day later.

The reason of the accident was never fully understood. The missing tyre marks led to some speculation that Manfred could have suffered a back-out due to the intense high G-forces at this corner of the track. But it is more likely that the Kremer car experienced a failure in the just repaired right rear suspension which send the unsteerable car right into the barrier. This fatal accident was to be part one of the tragic 1985 season as only 20 days later young promising German talent Stefan Bellof died in another Porsche at Spa-Francorchamps.

This model was made in memory of Manfred Winkelhock who raced very successfully in Formula 2, touring cars and sports cars but who was never given the chance to show his talent in a competitive Formula 1 car, a fate many German talents of this pre-Schumacher era shared.
(written by F. L.)

Raceland Gold Edition made by SPARK 1/43rd scale. Special limited edition of only 300 pieces individually numbered. Special Raceland Gold Edition packaging. This model is made exclusively for Raceland. Model size approximately 10 cm.

available around November 2014 at Raceland: Porsche 962C Kremer Racing Canadian Tire 1000 km Mosport 1985 WSC Marc Surer / Manfred Winkelhock

Porsche 962C Porsche 962C


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