6. Rial ARC01

S3960 Rial ARC01 No.22 4th US GP 1988 – Andrea de Cesaris

The company Rial, specialized in the production of alloy rims, was founded in the Seventies. In 1987 the company was acquired by the former ATS-founder Günther Schmid. Just like with ATS (1977 – 1984) Schmid adhered also the plan with Rial to establish in the Formula 1. Therefore Schmid spared neither trouble nor expense – at least at the beginning -. Concerning the budget, Schmid told at the presentation of the ARC01 in the famous restaurant “Atrium” in Mannheim: “We take as much money out of the cashier as it is needed.” As a constructor Schmid was hiring an old friend: Gustav Brunner. The Austrian was already in charge of the construction of the F1-cars at ATS. And he was working for Ferrari most recently. When it became known that Brunner would build the first F1 bolide for Rial, the car was immediately named as “blue Ferrari” by the media. But Brunner’s work was anything but a copy from Maranello. “This is a completely new car”, the Graz born constructor defended himself, “I haven’t taken only one idea from Ferrari”. With relatively few test kilometres the team was going to Rio (Brazil). The GP newcomer had to survive the prequalification first. But the driver Andrea de Cesaris could easily handle this barrier. During the race the Rial-Cosworth, which was built at the lower weight limit, was even ranked position 6. But seven laps before the end of the race the ARC01 was running out of fuel. The highlight of the first season was the US Grand Prix in Detroit, the 6th world championship race in 1988. De Cesaris qualified for the starting position 12 with 3.6 seconds down. During the race he could reach to a 4th place, what was a sensation – one lap behind the winner Ayrton Senna (McLaren-Honda). Due to this result Rial was at the 9th position in the final listing.

S3970 S3970 S3970 S3970 S3970


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