3. Copersucar FD01

S3933 Copersucar FD01 Press 1974 /  S3934 Copersucar FD01 No.30 Argentina GP 1975 – Wilson Fittipaldi

On 16th October 1974 the time had come. The brothers Wilson and Emerson Fittipaldi introduced the first Brazilian Formula 1 team in the presence of Ernesto Geisel, head of state, in the congress hall of Brasilia. The name: Copersucar – a cooperation of the biggest Brazilian sugar exporters that mostly financed the project. The rest of the money came from the family Fittipaldi, whereby the amount was contemplative in comparison to nowadays. The budget for the first two years was 2.5 Mio. German Mark. In the modern Formula 1 it would not be even enough for the catering…

Team manager Wilson Fittipaldi, the older brother of the two-time Formula 1 champion, was supported by 22 team members. The headquarters was based in Interlagos, vis-à-vis the race track. Wilson was engaged in implementing his idea of a race car from the middle of the year 1973. Enthusiasm was the supreme team motivation. Ricardo Divila was chief designer. His qualification appears adventurously from a present view: “He reads a lot and writes books, too”, Wilson proudly told to the journalists attending the press conference in 1974. Divila’s first car was everything else than a high flyer. The press version was more similar to a record car with a rear part like a turbine vehicule. Only a few guests noticed that there was used a dummy transmission and faked suspensions for the launch of the car. The FD01 took part in a race only once: season opening in Argentina in 1975. Wilson was 11 seconds behind the leader in the training run. During the race a flange-mounted A-frame arm of the transmission broke. The car caught fire in the guard rails and burned down. From the next race on the successor car FD02 was used.

S3933 S3933 S3933 S3933


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