1. Lotus 12

S1833 Team Lotus 12 No.26 Monaco GP 1958 – Graham Hill

The type 12 was the first Monoposto of the Team Lotus. In autumn 1956 it was presented at the London Motorshow in Earls Court. Like all the Lotus models that were designed by the company owner Colin Chapman, the Lotus 12 was also a lightweight construction and therefore it was highly susceptible. For a formula race car with front engine it was built very narrow – with a slightly inclined rearwards 1.96 litre-Climax engine. The type 12, which was constructed for the formula 2 world championship originally, was not really successful.Problems with the gearbox and the clutch were on the daily agenda. Furthermore there were some retirements because of cracks in the chassis.  The best result was Cliff Allison’s second place at the Oulton Park Gold Cup. In 1958, Chapman brought the Lotus 12 in the Formula 1. But the first Formula 1 Lotus was too weak – especially against the superior competitors Ferrari and Vanwall which dominated the Formula 1 with their front engine cars at that time. It was Cliff Allison again who achieved the best result, with a 6th place in Monaco. However, Allison was 13 laps behind the winner Maurice Trintignant who opened up a new era with the Cooper and its rear mounted engine. Graham Hill, who had his Grand Prix debut in the Lotus 12, could not succeed in four runs to reach the checkered flag.  At the race in Monaco he had to give up at mid-term. Again the gearbox conked out. Starting from the Grand Prix in Silverstone the subsequent world champion relied in the follow-up model Lotus 16. With this car Hill became 6th position at the Italian Grand Prix.

S1833 (2) S1833-1 (2) S1833 (3)


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